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010"Interface for handling violations during the validation process." 
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025 */
026package ca.uhn.hl7v2.validation;
028import ca.uhn.hl7v2.HL7Exception;
031 * Handler that is called for every violation during a message validation.
032 * <p>
033 * Instances of this class are NOT thread safe as they collect data during the
034 * validation process.
035 * 
036 * @author Christian Ohr
037 */
038public interface ValidationExceptionHandler<R> {
040    /**
041     * Called in case of validation rule violations.
042     * @param exceptions the exceptions that describe the validatin errors
043     */
044    void onExceptions(ValidationException... exceptions);
046    /**
047     * Returns an overall validation result based on an aggregation of all
048     * exceptions thrown during the validation process. Often, this is a simple
049     * value indicating if any ValidationException has been thrown, but it can
050     * also be a complete response message that reflects the validation results.
051     *
052     * @return the validation result
053     * @throws HL7Exception if an error occurred during calculating the result
054     */
055    R result() throws HL7Exception;
057        /**
058         * Should be called before validation starts. Some ValidationHandler implementations
059         * may need context information of the subject being validated
060         * 
061         * @param subject subject to be validated
062         */
063        void setValidationSubject(Object subject);
065    /**
066     * Returns a boolean flag indicating whether a validation was successful or not.
067     * This is independent of {@link #result()} which may return a more complex
068     * object.
069     * @return true if the validation is considered to be failed.
070     */
071        boolean hasFailed();