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010"Note: The class description below has been excerpted from the Hl7 2.4 documentation" 
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028package ca.uhn.hl7v2.model.v251.datatype;
030import ca.uhn.hl7v2.model.Message;
033 * 
034 * 
035 * Note: The class description below has been excerpted from the Hl7 2.4 documentation.
036 * Sectional references made below also refer to the same documentation.
037 *
038 * The value of such a field follows the formatting rules for an ST field except
039 * that it is drawn from a table of legal values. There shall be an HL7 table number
040 * associated with ID data types. An example of an ID field is OBR-25-result status.
041 * This data type should be used only for HL7 tables (see Section 2.7.6, "Table").
042 * The reverse is not true, since in some circumstances it is more appropriate to use
043 * the CE data type for HL7 tables.
044 * 
045 * Note: validation of the input string value will only be initiated if the
046 * corresponding HL7 tableid has been set.  Basically if the object is created
047 * without a tableid and the table id is not subsequently set, then then the input string value
048 * will be subjected to a length check (<= 200 chars) and then stored into the object.
049 * @author Neal Acharya
050 */
052public class ID extends ca.uhn.hl7v2.model.primitive.ID {
054    /**
055     * @param theMessage message to which this Type belongs
056     */
057    public ID(Message theMessage) {
058        super(theMessage);
059    }
061    /**
062     * @param theMessage message to which this Type belongs
063     * @param theTable HL7 table from which values are to be drawn 
064     */
065    public ID(Message theMessage, int theTable) {
066        super(theMessage, theTable);
067    }
069    /**
070     * @param theMessage message to which this Type belongs
071     * @param theTable HL7 table from which values are to be drawn 
072     */
073    public ID(Message theMessage, Integer theTable) {
074        super(theMessage, theTable);
075    }
077    /**
078     * @return "2.5"
079     */
080    public String getVersion() {
081        return "2.5.1";
082    }