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010"Represents the category of HL7 data types that contain more than one component (e.g" 
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028package ca.uhn.hl7v2.model;
031 * <p>Represents the category of HL7 data types that contain more than one component (e.g. CE).
032 * Implementing classes (i.e. composite data types) should initialize their components
033 * either when they are initialized or when they are first accessed.  Only leaf values
034 * (values of primitives) should ever be returned as null.</p>
035 * @author Bryan Tripp (bryan_tripp@sourceforge.net)
036 */
037public interface Composite extends Type {
039  /**
040   * Returns an array containing the components of this field.
041   *
042   * @return array of components of this composite type
043   */
044  public Type[] getComponents();
046  /**
047   * Returns the single component of this composite at the specified position (starting at 0).
048   *
049   * @param number index of the component to be retrieved (zero-based)
050   * @return component at this index
051   * @throws DataTypeException
052   */
053  public Type getComponent(int number) throws DataTypeException;